Saturday, July 9, 2011

SPF tanline

The son is totally shining. 
Thong Tan-time-line:

1. Squeeze out: the compulsory acquisition of the stakes of a small group of shareholders from a joint cock company by means of sunscreen application.

Apply sunlight:
expose one's body to the sun, preferably in your backyard with a fluffy white shag carpet.

"I was down at the beach on Friday with my girlfriend. I was thonging of course, during the day I was in and out of the water, At lunch time I decided to lay stomach down.  This caused my back to be curved, thus the resulting tan line cut across the top of my buns instead of where a g-string normally goes. After a great day at the beach it was a bit of a let down. Does anyone else find this to happpen? and what do you do about it?
Tribal tattoo (closet case)

Thong tan lines are sexy, fun, simulate the stimulation of the anal nerve endings and has no underwear lines under form fitting clothing. All the dudes in the locker room with  at the gym will probably find you attractive.

Letter to the Editan-line:
 "Even though it's almost December, I still have a very visible thong tan line from last summer when  I was nice and smooth and wore skimpy swimwear to my parents pool.

I'm very fit and since I bicycle a lot, my ass looks great in a thong. However I know for some guys and most girls it's not a turn on to see a guy in a thong or to have a thong tan line. My gf thinks it's cute however I'm going to be soooo embarrased when I see my doctor next month for my regular physical, oh well.

So I was in a threesome tonight with two guys and as one was about to mount me in a doggy style position he said, "Whoa, this guy has a sexy tan line." I was a little embarrased and didn't know if he thought it was a little weird or not. It felt great as he was doing me and even spanked me a few times which was a huge turn on, but still in the back of my mind I didn't know if he was looking at it and thinking it was a little unusual or not.

What's your opinion on this? Thong tan lines on guys, sexy or weird?


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  3. Yes, be careful of the sun. You don't want a burn. I think tan lines are sexy because it's like you are crossing a border into exciting territory when you get past the tan to the pale unknown, lol. By the way, to find your own sexy tanned or not, man, go to, a site that reviews gay dating sites. Choose one that will work best for you, and if you meet your new guy at the beach, be sure you apply enough sunscreen to the two of you. And have fun!